Friday, April 4, 2014

late night vegetations... erm, meditations

I wish I had that magic focus button, you know, the one that tells you, even when you Aren't at work, that there are things you should be doing and that you should definitely be wearing more than underpants and a ratty, old sports bra.  Instead, I come equipped with that quasi-stoner voice that sounds a whole lot like a lady tommy chong who says "it's cool, man, hygiene is for suckers.". My inner hippie clings to this beanbag like rose clung to that board in the freezing Atlantic.  I'm lazy, and not proud of it. I am in awe of people that can get off of the couch after working an entire 8 hour shift.  I'm still not convinced that an upper of some sort has not come into play. " look, a normal person, only now with 30% more crack cocaine! ". Sounds like a party!